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In 1819-1822, for Prussian infantry and artillery, a complex of military barracks was build, along the Vistula river. The object has been called “Barracks of Racławice” ever since, constituting a part of city fortifications.
What was interesting in the aspect of its military functions, was a so called “bomb pillow”. It was a “blind” storey of the building, ca. 2 m high, filled with a mixture of clay, sand and ashes, situated between the third and fourth floors of the building. It had defensive function, being supposed to keep bombs in itself, during eventual air raid.
In 1921-1938 the first in Poland Navy’s Officer School had its seat here, subsequently moved to Tczew, and at present with its seat in Gdynia.
After the second world war the building served as a dormitory of the technical college. Since 1993, when the dormitory was moved away, it fell into ruin.
In 2001 the City decided to sell the building, with the aim to adapt it to a hotel. Teams of architects and conservation officers worked long on a project, that made it possible to combine history of the building with requirements of modern hotel of highest standard.

Furniture used