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Qubus Hotel ****, Kraków 2006, Poland

Qubus Hotel Cracow is located right next to the city’s historic district, Kazimierz. Our Guests can use as many as 194 luxuriously equipped rooms. In the hotel there is also a modern fitness center with a sauna, jacuzzi and glazed swimming pool with a view of the Old Town. The hotel’s Q-boat trips on the Vistula river are also an amazing attraction.

The hotel’s offer also includes music and gastronomic propositions. The exotic Barracuda lobby bar is an ideal place where the Guests can rest over a cocktail or a cup of coffee. Music enthusiasts will also feel at home in our Mile Stone Jazz Club, where concerts are regularly held. Additionally, you are welcome to visit the intimate After Work Piano Bar, which is a perfect place for a small party.

Furniture used


Qubi to klasyczny fotel tapicerowany z podłokietnikami. Idealnie pasujący do lobby czy pokoju hotelowego.

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QUBI II to klasyczna sofa tapicerowana z podłokietnikami. Elegancka i gustowna. Idealna do lobby czy pokoju hotelowego.

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Econo to klasyczne krzesło tapicerowane osadzone na drewnianim stelażu. Doskonale nadaje się do jadalni, restauracji czy pokoju hotelowego

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Bench to system sofy do zabudowy. Idealnie roziwązanie do barów, pubów, restauracji czy kawiarni. Dzieki temu, że system może składać się z klilku modułów może przybierać różne formy.

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